AO alkaline Water helps neutralise acidic build-up in the body for lasting health effects.

Alkaline water brings a host of benefits that lead to better health and by extension, better living. By transforming the internal body environment from acidic to alkaline, the body is returned to its most ideal state. This process begins by neutralising acids and removing toxins from the body through the consumption of AO Alkaline Water. Consistent intake of AO water also stops free radicals from forming, flushes toxins from cells and prevents the accumulation of toxins while allowing for the effective transportation of nutrients throughout the body.


Drip a few drops of pH test reagent into the water and compare the colour change to the pH chart.


AO Alkaline Water aids in boosting immunity and reducing the effects of premature aging.

The older we get, the more dehydrated our cells become as they experience a reduction in hydrogen content. This also contributes towards inefficiencies in the body's capabilities to dispose of waste and toxins, thus leading to premature aging. Fortunately, AO Alkaline Water is rich in active hydrogen, which acts as an effective anti-oxidant to reverse cellular damage caused by oxidative free radicals and reduce the effects of aging, all while rejuvenating your body's ability to flush unwanted toxins from your body.

A Simple Oxidation Test

Place two halves of an apple seperately in two glasses, one containing normal filtered water and the other in AO Water. After a few minutes, you'll find the apple in the normal water turning brown, whereas the apple in AO Water continues to look fresh and vibrant. This proves that AO Water has strong antioxidant properties that reduce oxidation.

A Brief Look at Free Radicals

Free radicals are created when an atom or molecule loses an electron, therefore forcing it to seek out a replacement from another molecule, creating a chain reaction of damaged readical production. Antioxidants help circumvent this by donating electrons to neutralise free radicals, thus boosting the body's immunity.

The Power of Ionization

AO Water undergoes an ionization process that imbues it with antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants a particular element contains is usually indicated by its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) levels.


AO Alkaline Water promotes effective detoxification for enhanced health.

In its natural state, our bodies produce waste through its normal functions and processes. However, it’s when this waste is not properly disposed of and begins to accumulate in the body that our internal systems begin to become acidic. AO Water has smaller water molecules that penetrate easily into cells and organs to dissolve and flush out toxins, eliminating dangerous elements and removing free radicals to ensure our bodies stay clean and healthy, inside and out.


AO Alkaline Water helps combat fatigue by improving your vitality.

Ionisation divides normal water molecules into their H+ and OH- ionic components. Drinking AO Water therefore enriches your blood with oxygen-filled OH- ions, thus increasing your level of energy, improving immunity and accelerating your natural healing abilities. Through consistent consumption of AO water, you'll create an alkaline environment within your body that can bring about positive long term effects, including better clarity and concentration, improved energy levels and enhanced health.


AO Alkaline Water is the ultimate internal moisturizer.

High in alkaline content and consisting of smaller molecule clusters than normal water, AO Water penetrates deepely into cells to hydrate them from within. Drinking it regularly helps to super-hydrate the body, allowing our systems to absorb essential nutrients and vitamins more effectively. The benefits of drinking AO Water are numerous and visible, so go on and grab a glass NOW!

Food and Beverages

Enhances the flavour of cooking by bringing out the natural flavour of ingredients.

Washing Utensils

This is best for Cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting kitchenware and utensils.