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We warranty the provision a year of free services of AO Water within the warranty period, from its date of purchase by customer. The period and conditions of our warranty services are as follow:

1. Repair services will be provided for defects arising from normal usage for the period of warranty from date of purchase by customer. Parts would be replaced when necessary.
A. Replaceable parts : Circuit Board – 1 year, Electrode Chamber– 1 year, Transformer – 1 year
B. Free Technical Services – 1 year
(The above applies only; when the customer contacts the agent concerned or sends the product to AO Synergy Holdings Sdn Bhd)
C. Authorised agent will collect RM50-RM100 per visit for each service at your premises.
D. Activated Carbon or pre-filter No warranty due to the inconsistent quality of water which varies in different locations, therefore, the lifespan cannot be determined accurately.
E. Warranty for sensor fan is 6 months due to the inconsistent quality of water which varies in different locations.

2. In the following events, service and parts will be charged regardless of the warranty period:
A. Damage due to misuse or carelessness as a result of improper installation or service by technicians other than that recommended by the Company. This warranty does not cover damage in transit by the customer.
B. Damage caused by pests of any kind, fire, lightning, natural disasters, electrical power surge or the use of generators.

3. Goods sold are not returnable.